Often i come across developers, software engineers, hackers, coders, web3 guru's whatever flavor your like, but i come across these folk and they often feel as though they are not good enough. That something is missing from their skill set or which enables them to be the best that they desire to be.

For those starting out, there is an overwhelming amount of technologies and jargon out there so they have a whole extra layer of worries when it comes to being good enough.

I have musdifferenceced on this for a long time and ultimtely what I believe my aim as an educator, is to help create good enough developers. So what is this?

There are a few aspects to a person in a technical field

Technical competence

What tools are you using, what technologies. What is your background and how have you behaved during that time.

See you could have worked for 6 months and really tried to grind at your job and become more proficient at the tools and tech you use. Another person could have worked for 5 years and the last 2 become a bit burned out and apathetic towards their craft. Both of these examples may or may not be good enough. If they are able to get through their day and solve most of the issues that come their way then they can walk the walk. maby its a limp though and perhaps they need some pain meds along the way.

Personal competence

It is not enough to write awesome code, have your network run perfectly or just be 100% in your Technical competence, we are more than just problem solvers. This is where softer skills come into it.

Communication, Conscientiousness and Courage.

These will help your relationships at work and life in general. If you neglect these for too long then other aspects of your life may show sings of decay and stress, Remember all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. If you sit there and grind on code for 8hrs a day 5 days a week and that is it. Then you are going to end up with limited options and this will not make you happy in the long term. If your job is not helping you to create new professional connections ( does not need to be lots but you need some good ones ) then a very important aspect of your life will decay. Your company may be happy as the less options you have then potentially the more difficult it is for you to leave if the arrangement is no longer viable.

What has courage got to do with it? It is the key to put yourself out there, to take on new challenges ( beyond work also ), to essentially seek out the unknown and undiscovered within yourself.

To be good enough you feel you can take on any challenge, failure is irrelevant the willingness to have a crack at it is what matters, if you shy away from these things then perhaps there is some work to do on the foundations so you can become more risk tolerant.

Physically competent.

You may think what the hell has this got to do with technical work. I use my brain?? Well supposedly there are two brains, one in the head and one in the gut. Both affect each other.

When it comes to physcially competent, if you have spent so much time at the desk your muscle has wasted away or is buried deep underneath then this also is an area of competence that cannot be ignored. You may be shit hot with the code, shit how with the communication and happy to take on any challenge ( which is great! ) , but phsycially long term our happiness and wellbeing will be negatively impacted by poor physical condition.

Solution for this is not quick or easy. Exercise, Diet and Weights. Ideally some type of physical hobby. This will help you make new connections, open up new possibilities in life and also help your precious brain function better! I want to see all desk bound folk mitigate that damage with plenty of exercise.

Death days.

For me any day where i spend 12hrs at the desk, I consider it a death day. it is a heavy toll on the body to sit for that long and to have such poor circulation and physical stimulation, yes i do it occasionally but i try my hardest not to. This is a marathon and not a sprint! its ok to sprint at times but really i find very few reasons to justify the accumulation of death days in my life.

Can I get the short version.

Good enough developer: someone competent enough to coast and still get stuff done,

someone who is starting out and having to grind hard to get things done.

one where in between where you can deliver ( notice i have not talked about time frames here, this is a separate issues and these can make you feel like you are not good enough. But if you can get the job done yes you are good enough. If you can improve speed over time great! aim for 80% of what you think is possible, it makes a massive difference )

I decent shape , or improving themselves physically, if you are declining and have not stabilised yet then sorry. Not good enough! TOADD -- Check out my diet book for only $1 --