Install Metamask and get Testnet Tokens

This article will cover

  • Installing the MetaMask Extension in your browser
  • Creating a wallet
  • Getting Testnet ETH tokens

What is Metamask

Metamask is arguably the most populate cryptocurrency wallet which allows you to store Ether and other ERC-20 tokens, it will also let you interact with decentralised applications ( dapps).

Installing Metamask

Navigate to the MetaMask Download page select your supported browser ( if you are using a different browser, then its best to get one of these to follow on with the rest it ). Allow the prompt to install the extension.

Once it is installed you will see a icon in your browser

Click on the icon, if MetaMask does not open up on its own.

When you see this page click on Get Started

At this point we need to create a New Wallet so click on "Create a Wallet"

Select "Create a Wallet"

If you want to help improve metamask you can agree to the request, or decline. It makes no difference with what we will be doing.

Next you get prompted to create a new password, do so and click create. You will need this address each time you start a metamask session ( it is not the private key to your wallet, we will get to that shortly!)

Secret Recovery Phrase

You can watch a short video on what this is, this super important to keep for your wallet that has real crypto funds in it!. For our dev one we will need is if we look to use this same wallet outside of MetaMask, so make a note of it. If you don't, then don't sweat it, we can get it from metamask later on.

Record the secret recovery phrase

When you see this screen, click on the grey box with a lock on it and you will find 12 words in there, this is your mnemonic, it is they key to your wallet. The keys to your vault if you consider yourself the bank. For your real wallet keep them safe and away from prying eyes.

Click Next once you are done here and re-enter the words to verify you have them. After this you are done!

You have now installed Metamask and have your very own Crypto Wallet!

Let's get some Testnet Tokens!

First you may be asking, what the hell is a testnet? In sort it is a network where we can play around and not need to spend any money to test our code or play with crypto. The testnets do not have anywhere near the same amount of toys to play with as the mainnet.

There are a few Testnets for ETH you will need to enable show/hide Testnets in metamask. To do this click on Ethereum Mainnet and then click on the link Show/Hide test networks.

You can now see the test networks

Free Tokens from the faucet

A faucet is a place we can be drip fed some ETH for our transactions. we are going to get them from Kovan Faucet

Go to the Kovan Faucet and click on Connect Wallet, there is a button in upper right or in the main box on the screen. Once you click you get asked if you want to use Metamask or other wallets, select MetaMask

MetaMask will pop up and ask which wallets you want to allow to connect to this site & to authorise connection for those wallets

Cick on Next, then click on Connect


If you see this message after connecting your wallet then we need to change the network MetaMask is connected to.

Change Metamask to the Kovan Test Network

Click on the Metamask Icon, the wallet will pop up and then click on Ethereum Mainnet, you get presented with a list of networks select Kovan.

This Faucet is very smart and detects this change, you will see a page like the image below, you need to prove you are not a robot and then can click send request and the faucet will initiate the transaction to send you 0.1 test ETH and 20 test LINK ( uncheck link this if you dont want the link )

Faucet detects we are on the kovan network and is ready to drip feed us.

Initiate the drip feeding! once you click on Send request you will need to wait whilst the transaction process's on the blockchain. it will go through a few phases and at the end you will see some ETH in your metamask wallet

Show me the ETH!

Open up MetaMask and you will see you now havev 0.1 eth, if you are wondering

There you have it! You have setup metamask and have some ETH for the testnet!

If you decided to get some LINK as well and are wondering where it is? Well dont fear it is in your account on the blockchain, but metamask does not know about this token yet. you can use the import tokens link and paste (0xa36085F69e2889c224210F603D836748e7dC0088) this in to the Token Contract Address field, MetaMask will detect the other values needed.

You are now ready to play in the testnet! woo hoo.

If you are stuck thinking what you can do,

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