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My name is Heff, I have been tinkering and hacking at systems since I was about 10 years old, starting on a commodore64 and never stopped since.  I am a self taught developer who also studied Computer Science and Math. I have worked in the industry ever since but have studied teaching, remedial massage and am an armchair macro economist, my current area of study is blockchain.  I am at a stage in my life where it is time to offer opportunity to others and leverage my experience and passion to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions. 

This course is the beginning for you and for me, my mission is to be a help throughout your whole career.


Matt Heff

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Build to competence

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 Moodle LMS

You will get the benefit of a fully fledged LMS for quiz's, assignments, tutorials and forums


Ask questions from your peers and tutors in the forums to help overcome the challenges you face


Javascript Lite

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  •     Programming Fundamentals
  •     Javascript 20hrs of Lessons
  •     10 Projects
  •     Free Intro to HTML & CSS
  • Dev Environment
Coming 2023

Javascript API

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  •     REST API
  •     Authentication
  •     Integration
  •     API Tools
  •    Make your own simple API 
Coming 2023

Javascript MAX

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  • Everything in Javascript lite
  • Everything in Javascript API
  •     Learn how js works under the hood
  •     Async / Await / Promises
  •     All assignments and tutorials
Coming 2023
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